Our mission is to help our clients save water through improved monitoring and control of their water systems. We will accomplish this through providing innovative designs, that increase reliability while minimizing cost.

Why Aqualogix?

Using patented technology, Aqualogix systems provide dynamic responsiveness to changing conditions. This sophisticated control continuously identifies the optimum solution for best results and lowest cost of operation.

Aqualogix Monitoring provides comprehensive oversight of water treatment programs to insure superior results, and optimum cost savings. It accomplishes this by sophisticated electronic monitoring, internet-based services, and years of experience in water treatment engineering.


Aqualogix is a socially responsible manufacturer of water savings systems for chilled water and boiler water plants. Our equipment provides the triple bottom line solution of "People, Planet, Profit".

Existing Chilled Water Plants uses approximately 23% of a buildings total water demand and in some cases where control is poor, it can be substantially greater. The Aqualogix (watchdog) monitoring and control system coupled with the patented partial softening solution, optimizes system performance and greatly reduces the amount of blow-down required, which not only saves domestic water, but also significantly reduces the cost of operation. While driven primarily as a cost reduction application; implementation of the Aqualogix system can help meet the goals of sustainability in today's existing water cooled buildings.


Do You Know How Much Cooling Water You Use?

Cooling water represents approximately 23 percent of the overall water consumption of a facility. This typically represents millions (or tens of millions) of gallons of water used annually. Let Aqualogix assist you in meeting your water reduction goals.

Energy Symposium 2015 - Water Savings Presentation

Aqualogix is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.