Blowdown Recovery 

The basis of this measure is the cost reduction achieved by the demineralization and reuse of condenser water blow-down which is typically discharge to sewer. By recapturing a percentage of the blowdown, we are able to introduce a purified low conductivity water product for blending with the city water make up source, which has a significantly higher conductivity.

This system includes Side Stream Filtration, Carbon Filtration, and Reverse Osmosis (RO) demineralization which provides low conductivity partial softening of the city water source. The system includes patented technology for precise blending of the water sources to provide stable condenser water chemistry and optimum savings ― even as the evaporative cooling load varies seasonally.  

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    Cooling Water Optimization  
    Dynamically adjusts cycles of concentration, as constraining factors change.   
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    LEED Credit Relevant 
    Aqualogix Systems are LEED credit relevant, for both new construction and existing building retrofit.
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    Predictive Modeling
    Provides predictive modeling of cooling water quality, with calculated scaling factors.  Can use weather data to compare mass balance with predicted load.   

  •   Lowers the overall conductivity of the condenser water

  •     Captures 40-60% of blowdown for reutilization

  •     Reduces the discharge to sewerage

  •    Reduces the demand for city water makeup

  •    Results in increased cycles of concentration (CoC) without exceeding the scaling factor of the existing water source

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