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The Aqualogix Control System, is the central component of all equipment and systems we manufacture and is part of our patented technology. Fully programable and dynamic in nature; the system reacts to measured changes in water quality to adjust its operating schedules and maintain specific values in order to optimize the available water savings based on variable changing parameters.

The Aqualogix Control System uses an array of predicted source water quality, keyed on the incoming makeup water conductivity. This is especially useful where the city water sources change (or vary seasonally). The control system iteratively solves for the optimum cycles of concentration, confirming that all constraints are met (e.g. maximum conductivity, scaling indices, maximum silica, etc.). 

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    Cooling Water Optimization  
    Dynamically adjusts cycles of concentration, as constraining factors change.   
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    Multiple Input Capable
    Accepts up to five water sources for optimal blending to produce a least cost solution.
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    Predictive Modeling
    Provides predictive modeling of cooling water quality, with calculated scaling factors.  Can use weather data to compare mass balance with predicted load.   

Typical Projects

Well/City Makeup - Central Chiller Plant  




900 GPM Softener System




Domestic Water Filtration System


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