Aqualogix Partial Softening 

The basis of savings for this measure is the cost reduction achieved by partially softening city water make-up to the condenser water system (“CWS”) and increase cycles of concentration (CoC) to reduce condenser water blowdown. Typical city water contains elevated amounts of minerals (most notably total dissolved solids, hardness, and silica) which limits its usefulness as a CWS makeup source.

As such, this measure includes both dual softeners, and a side stream filtration unit to partially soften, provide 5- micron filtration to the CWS system, and control system blowdown. increase the operating cycles of the cooling tower. This allows for reduced CWS blowdown rates, with a concomitant savings in sewer discharge.

With simple installation on a sidestream loop of the existing cooling system, our equipment controls the key parameters of conductivity, and blowdown to increase the existing cycles of concentration and maintain stable tower chemistry based on the incoming water quality.

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    Cooling Water Optimization  
    Dynamically adjusts cycles of concentration, as constraining factors change.   
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    LEED™ Credit Relevant
    Aqualogix Systems are LEED credit relevant, for both new construction and existing building retrofit.
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    Predictive Modeling
    Provides predictive modeling of cooling water quality, with calculated scaling factors.  Can use weather data to compare mass balance with predicted load.   

System Overview


  •    Simplifies the installation of a water-savings program       

  •     Reduces the cost of installation

  •     Improves the accuracy of partially-purified makeup

  •     Improves overall reliability of delivering makeup

  •     Avoids modification of existing makeup control

  • Smart Softening


  •     Self-monitoring to ensure reliability

  •   The Aqualogix controller measures the regeneration curve of the individual softeners to ensure that each regenerative cycle matches the baseline curve for both duration and water usage. Regeneration curve profiling confirms that the softener is operating to maximum efficiency.

  •     Aqualogix Smart Softeners are available as high flow single or multiplexed systems, providing performance and versatility to commercial and industrial applications up to 350 gpm flow rates per single tank systems. Multiplexed systems can be operated as lead/lag, or alternating operation for n+1 redundancy.


    GSA Proving Ground Test Bed


    An Aqualogix Water Savings System is installed at the Lloyd D George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas Nevada.

    Aqualogix is currently participating in the GSA Proving Ground and DOE High Impact Technologies study, hosted by GSA, and performed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

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